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For multiple children please list youngest child in the form & add siblings with class to the comments section


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Charlotte Marshall


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REF: Childs Surname & Initial

What are the prints like?


Prints are lustre fine art 5 x 7 prints. 3 different poses & photos for options & without branding so they can be framed around the house rather than stuck in a drawer.

I will finer edit children & if scratches etc I'll edit them out. 

What to Expect?

Unlike traditional photos taken in a booth with just one photo of your child (click & snap).

We will look to hang out with your children in the playground with hopes this makes them feel more relaxed & we can see their personality shine. I look to shoot 3 photos to give parents options instead of 1.

We go above and beyond to ensure all children are smiling & happy in their photos bringing not only bubbles, stickers but our amazing renditions of baby shark & the wiggles.

Despite being an internationally recognised portrait photographer it is important to remember school photos are taken at school, away from their families (and comfort zone) on days they may be sick, homesick, tired or shy.




I always aim to ensure all families are happy with their photos but its important to be realistic about daycare photos, and understand this is not a $400-$1000 portrait session in the studio. 

Before ordering, as we do not offer refunds please take into consideration the following:

1. Children will have their photos at daycare around their normal daycare routine.

(arts and crafts, water play, lunch time, running in the sun time)

As much as I do my best to wipe faces, and clean children up. Sometimes they have wet hair, or stained paint faces so please talk to your daycare teachers about keeping children clean, and pack a change of clothes if your wanting something special.

2.  Children will have an audience.

Your Childs photos will be on the playground with their friends. If your child is normally shy, I would recommend coming in with them so they are comfortable & confident in front of the camera. 

We are after all strangers & have a big camera with us.

Daycare photos are here to capture our little ones personalities right now

Some children are cheeky, others are shy and thats what makes them totally unique.

We want to look back on this time and smile.

I understand photos seem expensive which is why I have given 3 pics for the price of one. 

If your wanting something extra special my recommendation is come in with your child.

If your not able too, and don't want to risk the messy hair or a grumpy face then I can offer all daycare families a $100 discount on my 1 hour portrait session with 20 edited photos.

Valued at $400 for $300.

Call me today to book in.



Sibling Pack Information:

Having multiple children in daycare can become a bit of an expense on photo day.
This is why we have tried to keep our packages as affordable as possible.
The Sibling pack is designed for families with 1-4 children in daycare.
You can use this pack to share between your children with 6 images total.
We will aim to collect a combination of  individual shots of your children as well as some of them playing together (ultimately what works best on the day) so you don't have to purchase multiple packs. 
Have more than 2 children in Daycare???
Please use the paper form to submit your order which you should have been given, if not can easily download above.
Want to bring children from outside of Daycare???
You are welcome to bring children from outside of daycare but please understand this approach to daycare photography is play based. 
I'm happy to answer straight away by calling or texting
Charlotte on 0426973470